Our Mission

Connect Union County through a system of trails and promote healthy lifestyles through safe outdoor recreation and active transportation.

Promote the conversion of inactive railways into public recreation trails.

Assist any agency or agencies involved in such conversions, to make the conversion
smooth, effective and safe.

Seek and provide funds

Assist in trail establishment, improvement, and maintenance.

Assist in the promotion of the trail as a community resource and as attraction for tourists and visitors.

Mobilize trail supporters and the public to advocate in their own communities for safe
walking and biking infrastructure.


A unique and exciting opportunity exists to create trails connecting all towns in Union County New

Jersey. Trails, spanning from Elizabeth to Plainfield and Summit to Rahway, will create safe, sustain-
able, and equitable access to nature as well as new recreational and transportation opportunities.


Connect people and communities

Create a safe, off-road trail to ride a bike, walk, educate, or play

Ease traffic by creating alternate transportation options like biking and walking.

Support local economies

Provide close-to-home, easy access to the outdoors

The High Line, In New York City, attracts $2.2-billion in new economic activity and is estimated to raise tax revenue by $980-million over the next two decades

The Trails

-50 Plus miles of Mixed Use for Bike/Walking/Hiking/Running/ Boating

-50+ Acres of preserved Greenspace

-All 21 Municipalities Connected

Rahway Valley Railroad (RVR) 7.3 miles of abandoned NJDOT owned railroad from Summit to Roselle Park

Central New Jersey Railroad (CNJ) 3.5 miles of Inactive Conrail railroad extending from Elizabeth to Cranford

Staten Island Rapid Transit (SIRT) 4.5 miles of Inactive railroad from Elizabeth to Cranford

East Coast Greenway (ECG) 10 miles of mixed on and off road trails

Elizabeth River Trail (ERT) 8.3 miles of Existing trail and on street

Plainfield Trail 10 mile mix of multi use park and on street trails

Olmsted Trail – 7.5 miles of of multi use park and on street trails from Kenilworth to Berkeley heights